QuickDash – Visualisation Solution


Clearly displaying crucial information

»Dashboard« has become a hackneyed phrase in many cases. Each piece of software comes with a dashboard to get a modern touch. Often these »dashboards« are web-based evaluation interfaces with their own menu control. Also, the display is limited to the »own« data of the application. As a result, those people in the company whose decisions are based on company key figures must reckon with having a jogging lap through the various systems every morning.
QuickDash takes a different approach. We consolidate key figures from different sources on a dashboard view. There is no menu control; you will find all decisive key figures at a glance. The motto is: »If it will not fit on one screen, it is wrong.«

Examples of Dashboard Views

The views of a dashboard installation can be configured freely. Both pure display views and interactive displays are possible.

The QuickDash

Clearly display key figures

QuickDash sales

Sort sales by category

QuickDash overview

Hints and warnings at a glance

Versatile Possibilitties

QuickDash seamlessly integrates into your IT infrastructure.

We deliver various connections and standard functions in the form of configurable widgets; we can implement additional systems at any time by means of customer-specific extensions. You are welcome to contact us!
The standard version includes various database servers, monitoring functions, text file converters and online services as well as webcams.