Software development

Do your business processes demand more than a standard industry solution could provide?

Software solutions are meanwhile performing well in most industries; they are highly adaptable and often provide a good basis for mapping business processes. But it happens time and again that a business idea breaks new ground to set itself apart from the competition. Faster and better adapted business processes should create a competitive advantage, the connection of service providers or customers should improve speed or customer loyalty via automated processes.
As a consequence, processes are more reliable against manual errors, especially in the case of a large number of similar processes. This is where individual software comes into play. We advise, analyse requirements, implement these with current database systems and programming tools and are also ready to monitor ongoing operations.

Software Projects

The automation of data transfer at the interfaces between systems leads to competitive advantages.

Kaufmänische Software


Commercial software

Commercial processes perfectly represented in the trade and adapted to your needs and products - this is done with SelectLine, a product from Germany for local needs: inventory management and accounting, compatible with the important standards.

Werkzeug zur Automatisierung


Tool for automation

PDF files are the document format with the greatest compatibility and distribution. With the PDFMixer we design document workflows for the fast and reliable processing of PDF files.



File transfer without frills

Ad-free, privacy-compliant file sharing with automatic tidying - that's easy with the F/X-Server, an upload and download platform. On-premises or in the cloud, you decide.

Open Source

Working with open source software is an essential pillar of our portfolio of services. Here you will find three examples of technologies used. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Especially in the area of Internet technologies we increasingly use Linux, for instance for web and other communication servers. Individual programming with tools based on open source enables us to develop powerful applications to optimise your processes, often without any license fees.
Linux-based web servers can for example even be used in Microsoft environments with free-of-charge virtualisation technology.

Individual Software - The Tailor-Made Solution for your Company

Ideas for new business designs

Time and again, entrepreneurs have great ideas for new services and business models with processes that cannot or not sufficiently be mapped with standard software. In this situation, it is our turn to design a tailor-made suit that fits your needs. We would be pleased if you get in touch with us!
Using future-proof technologies and tools, we develop programs that perfectly map your processes and integrate seamlessly into your already established structures without causing breaks to existing software.