Project F/X-Server



File transfer without obstacles

You want to exchange files with your business partners in a simple way. Often, however, large file attachments in the mail system are a nuisance, sometimes they do not work and in some cases they can clog up e-mail archiving.
An own FTP server has the disadvantage that it has to be maintained constantly and often turns into a data tomb and becomes a nightmare for every privacy officer.

Example pictures F/X-Server

Platform for an easy exchange of files

F/X-Server Anmeldung

F/X-Server registration

The login window of the F/X server.

F/X-Server Download bereitstellen

F/X-Server download

With the F/X-Server you can provide files as download for your customers.

F/X-Server Upload anfordern

F/X-Server upload

Enable your customers to make files available.


F/X-Server user

Create new users with different rights.


F/X-Server download overview

In the download overview you can see how often your provided files have already been downloaded.


F/X-Server upload overview

In the overview you can see when and how many files the customer has made accessible to you.


The F/X-Server avoids these pitfalls and does what it has to: Transporting files from A to B.

  • Simple handling, even by personnel without IT knowledge
  • Downloads and uploads can be deleted automatically after completion
  • Auto-notification upon upload or download
  • Avoiding waiting times with ADSL connections when hosting in a broadband environment
  • Scheduled provision
  • Restricting downloads to number or time period
  • Professional, clear interface to the customer
  • Advertising for your products possible (1)
  • Forwarding to internal FTP server (1)
  • The F/X server can be adapted to your CI; colours and logo are interchangeable
(1) optional