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For small and medium-sized enterprises, independent of any industry sector

SelectLine includes solutions for the coordination of enterprise resource planning in a company and for the processing of financial accounting. Due to the modular structure it enables a close connection of the numerous program features. SelectLine offers an integrated customer relationship management (CRM), reporting, return management (RMA), production planning, cash register system and a mobile merchandise management, allowing you to access your ERP system anywhere, anytime.
The sound program code makes it easy to adapt the interface and process sequences to your special requirements. The Competence Centre Usability for SMEs (KUM) describes SelectLine as the »best ERP solution«.

erp, accounting, production modules and much more

The optimum program for different users - customisable and universal.


SelectLine ERP system

Keep track of your ERP system.


SelectLine Accounting

Simplifying calculations with SelectLine Accounting.

Produktionen universell fördern

SelectLine in application

Universal production support

SelectLine ERP System - perfectly adjusted to your company

Inventory management, sophisticated pricing system, invoicing

SelectLine supports you optimally in the administration of the stock lists and their inventories. Depending on your demand, you can use serial / batch management, requirements planning for production, automatic invoicing of quotations, billing, and the checking of incoming payments using an open items list.
Like hiding/showing functions, the interface can be adapted to your needs.

Further information can be found here.

Insights into the enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Menu structure of the SelectLine ERP system

Artikel Pflege

Article care

Warehouse management & precise inventory of items


Accounting system

Invoices and customers


POS system

Optimally presented cash reports

SelectLine Accounting – efficient and reliable

Professional financial accounting with accuracy

SelectLine Accounting is the solution to support your company's bookkeeping effectively and reliably. User-friendly and logically structured, it can be operated productively by employees with little accounting knowledge after a short training period. In interaction with the ERP system, the program will access the same data and will work with it side by side. This is made possible by the modules of financial accounting, asset accounting and cost accounting.
Special features of these modules are e.g. different booking modes with predefined business transactions, foreign currencies and value balancing, automatic booking of electronic account statements, dunning with up to 5 levels, dunning charges, interest rates, collection lists and also open item management including SEPA-capable payment transactions.

Further information on financial accounting can be found here.

Insights into accounting

Menu structure of SelectLine Accounting

Konten verwalten

Manage accounts

Interface in currencies and accounts

Buchungen durchführen

Make bookings

Manage open items and postings

Anlagen erstellen

Create attachments

Create items and attachments


Questions and answers

Other things you should know

Do you have questions about the use of SelectLine or especially about individually adaptable software? As a SelectLine partner, we will gladly advise you on the use of SelectLine or expand your existing systems.
Would you like more information about SelectLine? Have a look at the Broschüre, service description or the SelectLine website..