About us


JKDV – who we are & how we »function«

Why are we on board, what motivates us and how do we work? Here you will find answers.

We are people of conviction and we love what we do. We accompany our customers' actions and joint projects with great loyalty - although we also have to earn money, this only succeeds with long-term, honest customer relationships.
Making the »fast buck« has never been an option for us. »Those who have visions should go to the doctor's« - we do not share this down-to-earth quote of the great Helmut Schmidt; you will find our vision below.

We are JKDV

Everyone in the team is pulling in the same direction. We want to prove this, every day anew!

Axel Kamann

Axel Kamann


Axel Kamann is Managing Director and one of the founders of the company. His work for our customers focuses on consulting, designing solutions and corporate development.

Marc Gemkow

Marc Gemkow


Realises your Internet projects in-house. Programming with PHP, HTML/XHTML, Javascript/AJAX and CSS. Connection of MariaDB, MySQL and MS SQL databases. Implementation of content management and e-commerce systems. Use of XML web services.

Nils Hebisch

Nils Hebisch


Enthusiastic about many facets of IT: programming (C#, VB.NET, PHP, Office, Python, Shell, Java), "design" (HTML, CSS, Javascript), infrastructure (hardware, networks, Linux, Windows), databases (MariaDB, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB)

Carolin Lichtenberg

Carolin Lichtenberg


The finance minister of our little organism. She keeps the bookkeeping going and tames the managing director when his shirtlessness clashes with the accounting requirements.

Timon Voss

Timon Voss


Our media designer. What doesn't fit is made to fit. He also has a knack for photography and always surprises us with his dry sense of humour.

Tobias Dittmann

Tobias Dittmann


Our part-time Master's candidate as an application developer. Sporty, bright and always in a good mood.

Ulrike Zamboni

Ulrike Zamboni


Takes on a wide range of tasks in everyday office life. In her opinion, complex enquiries are the salt in the soup.

Sabine Renders

Sabine Renders


We are very grateful for her indulgence when she is faithfully and invisibly doing her job - we are all always happy to have a clean desk. (Too bad we can't impose some of the IT issues at work on her too ...)




We are looking for a .NET developer to join our team on a permanent basis. Are you interested? Send us an email to ak@jkdv.de.

Sabine Renders

Vielleicht du?


Our team often includes interns. Young people need opportunities that they can seize. We help them to do so.

Corporate Philosophy

Fundamental values and goals of our enterprise


The partners of JKDV-Systeme GmbH are committed to the Christian view of humanity and strive to bring these values to the forefront of everyday business life - knowing that reality will always fall short of the desired ideal condition.


The company is not an end in itself. It is meant to serve people. This applies to all those who are associated with the company: Customers, suppliers and employees.


We are a reliable partner in a long-term cooperation with our medium-sized commercial customers. We offer our customers innovative IT solutions and a high level of technical expertise. We make even complex technical contexts transparent for our customers. We offer our clients an IT infrastructure that is designed optimally to achieve their business objectives.


For us, the acquisition of gain is not a self purpose. Profits are necessary to keep the company healthy, to secure jobs and create new ones, to enable expansion under one's own steam and to perform social tasks.


Our employees are absolutely customer-oriented at all levels. In all our activities we are concerned with the well-being of our customers and work hard to earn their trust. The organisational structures, work processes and practical cooperation within the company must be designed in such a way that they enable this goal to be achieved. The management should create the necessary open spaces for the employees' individual initiative, promote self-responsibility and pride in what has been achieved and take each individual employee seriously as a person with all his or her abilities, needs and needs. This should be done in a spirit of acting with each other and for each other, and not against each other. This creates the feeling of belonging together. Through long-term cooperation, we preserve the experience of our employees and ensure consistency in our company. We support people who are willing to shape our company in a target-oriented manner. We support our employees through flexible working hours and voluntary social benefits in personal emergencies


JKDV-Systeme GmbH buys goods and services as favourable as possible. We place great importance on a fair and cooperative relationship with our business partners.

Social responsibility

JKDV-Systeme GmbH uses part of its company profits to offer additional social benefits to its employees. In the same way, the partners of JKDV-Systeme GmbH feel obliged out of Christian responsibility to help people in need. To the extent that the company is doing well, help is also possible for others.

This is how you become a part of us

Looking into the future together

We are always delighted when we meet a person who fits in our company and for whom we find tasks within the team. We do not look at grades, certificates and degrees first.
We have already been allowed to accompany young people with an apprenticeship on their way to a self-determined life; we offer the possibility of dual studies and we are also glad to work with freelancers on projects.