Webproject Giro-Druck

Cooperation with creative clients

We are also pleased about creative input and team development.

In addition to the business store, our customer also wanted to renew his classical website. We have coordinated the design together with the customer. Both the image selection and the design vocabulary for symbols were done by the customer himself, as well as the text production. We have transformed the coordinated design into a content management system, here Joomla!, and were also commissioned with proofreading, translation and some SEO aspects.
Even in projects like these, we have no reservations, and we are happy about hot debates on the subject and, in the end, about a result with which both partners in development are satisfied.


The customer has independently developed the image material, image processing and design language of the symbols in coordination with us. This led to a clear, reduced appearance.


Cover page

The homepage of the Giro-Druck website.



Extract from the page »Environmental Protection in Production«.



Excerpt from the page »Support of Mailing Campaigns«.

But that's not enough

Working on a website does not end with its activation. Continuous support is necessary.

This project is hosted "piggyback" on the server that houses the Business Store, which was also designed in our company. Especially in such shared hosting environments (several sites on one server), security becomes essential.
For this reason, we have a maintenance agreement with the customer also for the website in order to ensure that no security gaps endanger the operation of the server because of possible old CMS versions.