Website Hamburg Sports Youth

The hamburg sports youth is different

As a subsidiary of the Hamburg Sports Federation, the presentation ought to be distinct.

We created an independent, fresh template, which distinguishes itself clearly from the site of the Hamburger Sportbund. Only logo, colour and font were specified in the CI. Together with the customer, we have developed the content and structure of the presentation.
The project was designed in Joomla! We also provide support for tricky editorial requirements as well as a continuous ongoing development and we care for the security of the CMS.

Project pictures

The square structure deliberately floats against the current. At the same time, it can be dynamically dissolved if the responsive display on smaller end devices requires it.


Cover page


Article »Education and Qualification«


Holiday complex Schönhagen

Other functionalities

We do not only bring websites, but also functionality to the Internet.

In the meantime - as a digitisation task - we have also implemented the complete process for the application management and accounting of the funding programme "Kids in die Clubs" into an interactive web application. Instead of a completely manual approval and billing, this is carried out online, as far as legally permissible. The technical basis should also be the starting point for the further digitisation of promotional programmes at Hamburger Sportjugend.
Close cooperation and a dynamic project team have created a practical, efficient solution. The application consists of web and back-end components. We would be pleased to outline the origin, project workflow and structure of such a typical digitisation project as an example.