Welcome to Sports

Welcome to Sports

We gladly support as well ›external‹ sites and continue to develop them.

Sometimes an agency or service provider simply backs out, whether in a dispute or for other reasons. In the case of the "Welcome to Sports" project, we have also adopted an existing website for support and further development. In the above case, the previous service provider had chosen a good tool to continue working with when selecting the CMS. In the event of a takeover, whether friendly or hostile, we endeavour to protect your investment if it makes sense.
Generally, there is a certain amount of work involved in taking over the maintenance of a site, but in most cases we try to make the first required improvements at the same time. Of course, there might also be a situation where we have to refuse the takeover because the technical circumstances that we find do not seem to make a further operation meaningful. We communicate this openly and directly and offer an alternative solution right away.

More about the Project

The customer himself supplies the photo material from the project. In individual cases we help with the editing and support with editorial work.


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The project

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Digital Strategy

Today, a website is often more than just a website. It is part of an integrated concept.

Together with the customer we develop a comprehensive digital strategy. This means, among other things, the data from the digitisation project is to be used for this and other customer sites. A concrete example: If a digital directory of sports clubs or sports facilities for the database is found at the customer's site, we create interfaces that enable the use of this data on all of the customer's sites in order to avoid errors and multiple data maintenance.
In this way we create a loose, digital coupling of different systems by means of defined interfaces, while maintaining the technical and design uniqueness of the individual sites.